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Monitoring infrastructure via a single pane of glass is hard to do right. We have spent years solving this problem for our clients — please allow us help you, too!

Infrastructure Monitoring with LogicMonitor

Leveraging our partnership with LogicMonitor, we provide fully managed monitoring solutions with custom modules and integrations to ensure smooth operation of your critical infrastructure.

If you would like to “kick the tires”, we can deploy a demo solution in minutes! Click below to have us show you the benefits within your own infrastructure.

Server Monitoring

LogicMonitor tracks all critical elements of servers using Active Discovery to automatically identify components that can/should be included. For any custom components, Willing Minds can create additional modules to include those, too.

Network Monitoring

Switches, routers, firewalls, SD-WAN and more from many vendors can be monitored in great detail, including interface details, environmental status, traffic flows and configuration monitoring. Vendor-specific features are typically detected and handled automatically.

Website Monitoring

LogicMonitor provides external monitoring of websites and ping targets from multiple locations worldwide as well as internal monitoring of websites from one or more collectors. Internal monitoring can be used to track internal-only sites as well as user-experience monitoring of externally accessed websites.

Virtualization Monitoring

LogicMonitor includes extensive support for virtualization, including VMware (vCenter and standalone) and Hyper-V, making it possible to see at a glance what needs attention in your infrastructure. Any critical issues can easily be called out and escalated to your team.

Cloud Monitoring

LogicMonitor includes support for AWS, GCP and Azure cloud infrastructure out of the box, which can be leveraged to provide detailed dashboards for your cloud resources.