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Whether you have a new network to design and build, or an existing network you need to refresh or troubleshoot, Willing Minds is ready to help!

Network Design and Implementation

Whether it is time to upgrade for growth, increased performance or to replace aging equipment, Willing Minds is ready to help design and implement a properly sized solution that will maximize your budget and meet your current and future needs.

Network Assessment

If your network has been humming along for years, it may be time to find out if your equipment is properly patched and secured, no errors or hardware problems are lurking below the surface, and that your network is sized properly for your current and future requirements. Willing Minds can perform an assessment and provide a report including diagrams and recommendations.

Infrastructure Monitoring

It is critical to monitor your infrastructure, including networking, servers, and cloud systems so you are confident everything is working as intended. If something goes wrong, you need to know about it and have data at your fingertips to quickly isolate and correct the problem. Proper monitoring will help you identify and correct problems before your users or customers are impacted. Willing Minds has spent years deploying custom monitoring solutions for many clients and is ready to help you ensure your infrastructure is healthy!

Work From Home Solution Design

After COVID-19 struck, many companies found themselves suddenly needing to handle business with most or all of their staff working from home.  Even with the danger subsiding, lots of companies learned their teams can be as or more effective in a work-from-home (WFH) situation. Willing Minds can help you evaluate your current WFH technology and can design and implement new systems to ensure your staff can safely and securely access corporate resources from anywhere, including from home.

Firewall Implementation and Support

As firewalls have become more complex and security enforcement has become ever more critical, it is more important than ever to design a firewall architecture that protects your systems in the best possible manner. This includes selection of a suitable platform, design based on principal of least access and ongoing user training. A proper Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM) solution will ensure any incidents are identified and mitigated as soon as possible. Willing Minds will work with your technology, security and business teams to design, implement and support your firewall solution.

Highly Available Internet Design

It is more important than ever to be sure your offices (centralized and remote) remain reliably online and performing well due to greater dependency on cloud or SaaS services. Willing Minds can help you design and implement a suitable high-availability Internet access capability via firewall WAN balancing, SD-WAN technology, and/or BGP.  We will review your network infrastructure to be sure redundancy doesn’t stop just at the Internet edge, but extends as far as possible to your users and critical systems.

Vulnerability Assessment

An important aspect of network security is to continually probe for vulnerabilities so they can be  mitigated as soon as possible. By leveraging vulnerability scanners regularly from both inside and outside the network, Willing Minds can ensure you are aware of these issues to facilitate corrective actions.

Penetration testing is a related but much more sophisticated service that Willing Minds does not directly perform, but we work with security experts who we can perform these enhanced tests.